Enhance Connectivity, Livability, and City Operations 

As cellular usage and data consumption continue to increase at exponential rates, mobile network operators must invest in densifying their networks.

Upgrades to mobile networks improve the constituent and visitor experience and help cities operate more efficiently and effectively. However, additional wireless infrastructure can clutter streetscapes and impact aesthetics. Managing relationships with multiple operators also increases the workload for city departments.

Meet Multiple Smart City Goals

increase small cell

American Tower simplifies and accelerates broadband expansion for municipalities. We provide the infrastructure, relationships, and continuous innovation needed to improve broadband coverage and build the foundation necessary to become a smart city.

American Tower Smart Fusion Poles provide an aesthetically pleasing small cell solution that blends seamlessly into the existing streetscape and hides wireless equipment and antennas from view. Replacing traditional streetlights with Smart Fusion Poles opens the door to using existing rights-of-way locations to provide operators with shared infrastructure opportunities.

Alleviate Administrative and Operational Burdens

Significantly reduce the time and effort required to negotiate multiple wireless permits and manage infrastructure projects, so you can reallocate these city resources to other priority projects.

American Tower specializes in shared infrastructure leasing arrangements and efficient deployments, and we have longstanding relationships with all major mobile operators. We also have the project management expertise needed to quickly install large numbers of smart poles, with minimal disruptions to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Develop a Comprehensive Wireless Strategy

Go beyond smart poles to develop a holistic, multitier urban wireless strategy that enhances coverage where stakeholders live and work:

Wireless Infrastructure Solutions for Cities

Plan for a smarter future with wireless connectivity solutions that go beyond traditional strategies.

American Tower develops innovative solutions to accelerate wireless densification and enhance city services.

As part of our urban strategy to provide more prime, street-level wireless sites, American Tower has formed a strategic partnership with Citybeacon® to co-develop the first multifunction smart hub that supports shared wireless infrastructure.

Citybeacon® is a registered trademark of Citybeacon IP BV.

Meet Our Team

Joseph Albrecht

Joseph Albrecht

Manager, Business Development, Municipalities

Joseph is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of business-to-business and municipal sales experience. Prior to joining American Tower, he worked directly with cities to understand and help meet their specific needs. Today, he’s helping municipalities leverage smart city infrastructure and applications.

joseph.albrecht@americantower.com 310-487-3829
Neil Bora

Neil Bora

Manager, Business Development, Municipalities

Neil, an experienced government relations professional with telecommunications expertise, creates partnerships with municipalities to develop policies and agreements related to the design, siting, and deployment of aesthetically pleasing, small cell and smart city infrastructure.

Michele Visconti

Michele Visconti

Manager, Business Development, Municipalities

Michele, a skilled telecommunications and government relations professional, has collaborated with cities and towns for over two years to craft policies related to the siting of small cells. Currently, she’s working with municipalities to deploy wireless infrastructure in public rights-of-way.


More About Our Solutions

Industry Events

The Texas Municipal League Annual Conference and Exhibition attracts decision makers from over 300 cities in Texas.

The League of California Cities is an association of California city officials who work together to enhance their knowledge and skills, exchange information, and combine resources, so they may influence policy decisions that affect cities.

City Summit is the National League of Cities’ conference for local leaders to convene and collaborate on the common challenges facing America’s cities.


smart fusion pole solution

Smart Fusion Pole Solution


Co-developed by American Tower and Signify, formerly Phillips Lighting, the Smart Fusion Pole solves cities’ network coverage and capacity challenges, while blending into any streetscape.


Smart Fusion Pole: Solution Overview Guide

Smart Fusion Pole: Solution Overview Guide


A first-of-its-kind smart pole combining energy-efficient lighting and wireless infrastructure to support multiple mobile network operators for the digital transformation of cities.


Smart Fusion Pole: Enabling Connected Cities

Smart Fusion Pole: Connecting the Smart City


Wireless infrastructure solution making the vision of tomorrow’s smart city possible today by enabling enhanced broadband connectivity, IoT services, and smart city applications.


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